Saturday, May 23, 2015

Trivia (CXXXIV) - The pixel peeping talk

Hi Tyson, how are you? :) 
My 4 1/2 year old Pana GF2 had to be repaired and I recently bought a GX7 to go with my 20 mm f1.7 pancake. 
I would like to know if you have some preferred settings for the camera. My first adjustment was setting the in camera NR to its low (-5). 
Do you fiddle with contrast, saturation, etc? What about ISO, do you set the lowest ISO to 125 or do you keep it in 200? Any more settings you may share? 
Thanks! Ricardo

Hi Ricardo, 
I think you will love the GX7. I shoot RAW, so I’m not the best to ask about in camera adjustments, but the little that I have played with JPEG settings, I’ve felt the files were better out of the camera than the other Pana cams I’ve had. 
The RAW files have a good amount of latitude, and do really well to recover highlight info compared to shadow info without muddying the upper end of the image file’s tonality. 
The silent mode is great, but sucks for moving subjects. The IBIS is under rated, and I’ve had very good results. It does not work in live view nor video which is a shame, but otherwise I feel it is better than the Oly 5 axis for hand held results at slower shutter speeds. 
It should be a pretty easy transition from the GF2, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. 
I hope you are doing well! 
Cheers, Tyson 
I forgot to mention ISO. I tend to keep it at 200 as the base, and only tend to use 125 when needed for exposure in bright outdoor light, or when I am shooting with strobes sometimes.

Many thanks. I also shoot raw but like to keep the jpegs and try to get them +/- right from the camera if possible. 
– the weather in Porto today was amazing :) – 
Regards, Ricardo

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