Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trivia (CXXXI) - The what turns you off in a photo question

Very interesting. Only on :ello:

«So here is the streetog question of the day: I see many people doing these types of street portraits. A camera up close and the person looking annoyed, surprised, alarmed, happy, blah, blah. (This man wasn't annoyed with me btw - but people have been)

If streetphotog is about capturing The Decisive Moment (which is a debate) what is this moment? Isn't it a moment created by the photographer? It certainly isn't a moment of people on the street being themselves. Whatever it is, I'm not so sure I like it when I see it over and over again in people's images.....»


«I'm still taking my first steps in trying to take photos of strangers, which I find quite a difficult task, one which involves tact and grace. Should I ask permission? Wouldn't that spoil the photo? Is the moment the photo? Does a good photo matter that much that I'm permitted to bother other people? etc.

Perhaps I'm too indecisive to ever become a good street photographer. Then, there are some things, that I see other people capture, that I wouldn't capture myself: scenes in which the subjects are represented worst than they are.

Once I unfollowed a great photographer on Instagram because he used his enormous talent to debase and make fun of his subjects. So, too indecisive and a bit of a moralist... I guess I jus't don't like frivolous photography.»


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