Monday, July 7, 2014

Trivia (CVIII) - The Denim Dress

Hola! Wow, your pictures are really beautiful! You took some of me too last week (friday I think), and now that I've seen how beautiful they can be I feel sad that they didn't make it to the final cut on the blog. I was wearing a denim dress, do you still have the pictures? I am very curious to see them! 
Best, M.

Hi! you made it! just not yet! :) this week for sure, i wouldn't miss a post w/ a pretty girl like you 
ps: and i loved the denim dress


Anonymous said...

sooo where is that dress? ;)

Ricardo Porto said...

lá para trás... há para aí 2 meses; era a menina da comissao europeia... :P