Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trivia (CVII) - The early music ensemble duel

Bassoonist 1 - Today I came out on a street-shooting blog, ehehehe! and it's linked to a recording of mine from last january. I don't know if the guy even knows it's the same person!

Harpsichordist - And I was there!!! But of course harpsichordists aren't so beautiful or interesting...

Bassoonist 1 - No, I have to explain: the harpsichodist was taking himself the same picture, and that's how the guy came to shoot us. So, you see: harpsichodists are never on the spot but everything happens thanks to them!

Bassoonist 2 - harpsichordists don't usually carry the harpsichord around with them after the concert... you're much more inconspicuous! hihihihi (a little hint of jealousy I sense there? ... the french girl and the Lisbon guy in a Porto blog... oh wait, you're from Gaia :D)

Harpsichordist - No jealousy... harpsichordist don't appear in city-blogs but in famous Magazine Covers like Rolling Stone, Vogue or The New Yorker

Bassoonist 2 - UUUUUHHHH!

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