Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trivia (LXXIX) - The Shameless Self Promotion Post, part 4 and last


My first and most probably last published picture...
I just got my own copy of The Plus One Collection 2012 book!

«Within two months, working entirely through the online community - a book designer in London, a Web designer in Switzerland, an engineer in Germany, and a law office in Washington, D.C., all donated services - Makarov has self-published a visually stunning coffee-table book called "Plus One Collection," with 200 full-page photos.»
- San Francisco Chronicle

Many thanks Ivan Makarov and Andy Lee for publishing the book, Lee Thatcher, RE Casper and Roman Kruglov for being my neighbours and many many thanks the portuguese customs for clearing the book without extra charges, LOL.


A. F. said...

UAU! :D Parabéns, pá! Muitos, muitos parabéns! Quando é que me tiras uma foto?

Ricardo Porto said...

obgd, A.F. tenho que te apanhar um dia destes na rua, levo um livro a servir de engodo :)

A. F. said...

Não basta levar o livro. Terás MESMO de estar a ler. :)