Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trivia (XCIX) - Pro Advice

"Looking for the magic light is what can really boost your photography. It may be hard to see at first what 'magic light' is, but once you start seeing it, your photography will take a lift to new levels.


The signs of magic light is that the faces of people glow, the details in texture and edges of things glow. Overhang like this (or a tree) together with large surfaces that reflect light is a good start. If there is also a few sparkles of direct light or reflections of it peeking through holes ... it might be really good.


Magic light is everywhere, so usually you don't have to walk far to find it. It can be as close as in the building you are sitting in. And once you start seeing it, you will recognize the conditions for good light from a distance. You look down the street to the next corner, and there it is. And you know that at this time of the day, many corners will look like that.


It's important to use the light when it is there. Often it falls in place the same time; a great background and settting, lit with magic light. When you see that it is important to use it. Don't just take one snapshot, but work the scene for some minutes or longer. Give it your best and tell your self you're done and can move on when you have explored the possibilities."

Thorsten Overgaard

Overgaard, T. 2013. The Story Behind That Picture: "Looking for the Light". overgaard.dk/, [blog] 31st December, Available at: http://overgaard.dk/the-story-behind-that-picture-0111_gb.html [Accessed: 31 Dec 2013].

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