Monday, June 18, 2012

Trivia (LII) - Canon S95 Camera with Canon DCC 1450 case and spare battery; boxed; pristine condition

Update 18/06/12:
Sold to a gentleman from Southampton, Hampshire.

I have for sale my beloved Canon S95 (pictures here).
If you need one, please email me at

If you’re interested on this then you’ll know what it is so I’m not going to go into endless detail here.

However, here is what I would like to know if I were considering buying it:

  • I have owned this camera since new.
  • I’m selling it simply because I've bought a Panasonic GF2 and it doesn't make sense to keep both.
  • The camera has been very well looked after and is in perfect working order. I have sent the camera to the local Canon authorized service facility for inspection and cleaning in May/2012.
  • The camera is in absolutely pristine condition (cosmetics, optics, electronics) and everything works as expected. No scratches at all in any part of the body or in the lens and every button works perfectly.
  • Overall condition is Mint++ / pristine - see pictures here.
  • I'm also including a pristine Canon DCC 1450 case and a spare battery.
  • Everything is boxed. The box and all original acessories are also in pristine condition (the strap was never even used).
  • I’ll package it up as I’d like to receive it myself and send it off to you by registered mail on receipt.of payment.
  • Proof of purchase included. Bought 14/Oct/2010 at

Just email me with any questions.

Extra accessories included:
Canon DCC 1450 Leather Case
Cameron Sino spare battery

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