Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trivia (XXI)

A few days ago I found Rui Palha himself here in Porto, shooting. He was leaning against the corner of Rua das Flores with Rua da Ponte Nova, absorbed. I couldn't help stop and briefly greet the Master.

Unfortunately I forgot two things a) asking if I could take him a picture and b) checking what camera he had with him.

The following day I returned to the place and pointed the camera to the same exact direction he did when I found him. Had I not been banned from Facebook I'd ask him for the picture he took. There's mine:


Anonymous said...

No way! Sonhaste com isso... só pode.

Rui Palha said...

Não foi sonho não...!apanhou-me" mesmo a fotografar naquele local.

Anonymous said...

(Gulp) ... respeitosos cumprimentos :)