Monday, October 24, 2011

Trivia (XIX)

Or why do these things happen to me.

I'm a fan of your work but that's not why i'm writing you.
In my website log I noticed the following link to your site: _____________________________
I've folowed the link and I think this particular link has given me access to your website admin dashboard. To prove this I've even included a period (.) in your contacts, after your skype address. You must see this quickly, as it is a serious security problem.

thanks groucho, I appreciate it.  The whole site needs to be reworked. Well, in anycase, I am glad I discovered your blog. Very nice.  Thanks for your help. I let my designer know about it...


Anonymous said...

Andamos a hackar sites agora hmmm? Já não se pode estar sossegado em lado nenhum, nem na rua nem nos blogs :P

grouchomarx said...

O tipo que é, ter um site assim, é extraordinário.

Isto foi há uns meses e o ponto final ainda lá continua, LOL.