Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magnum 50 years at the front line of history

As I've previously told you here, I plan to share some passages from this book. Let's start with chapter 1.

"PHOTOGRAPHERS LIKE to joke that becoming a member of Magnum is tantamount, in the rigour of the initiation, to joining a religious order."

"The annual convocation of Magnum photographers takes place towards the end of June each year, rotating between the major Magnum offices in New York, Paris and London. Part business meeting, part social gathering, part therapy session, part family reunion, part tedious debating chamber, it is axiomatic that it is held against a background of crisis, since Magnum is always embroiled in a crisis of some kind, and it is almost a tradition that at one point or another the meeting will deteriorate into a furious shouting match, if not worse".

You can buy this book at amazon.

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